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OUR MISSION: Polyphony aims to bridge the divide between Arab and Jewish communities in Israel through music and to serve as a worldwide model for cooperation based on cultural exchange, dialogue and partnership.

A New Way To Build Community


Playing together in ensembles teaches
our young people crucial
community-building skills.




Since 2006, over 25,000 Arab and
Jewish children have discovered music
and hope through Polyphony.



“I recognize the courage required to bring children
together from Israeli and Palestinian communities to find commonality in music as a very powerful and effective
beginning towards peace.”
– Yoko Ono
“Co-founder Nabeel Abboud-Ashkar is a genuine leader. He has built the program from the ground up and inspired so many to follow him.”
– Renée Fleming
“Music is one of the ways that we can bridge perceived cultural divides…I was very excited about coming [to Nazareth to play with the young people of Polyphony].”
– Branford Marsalis
“When I learned about Polyphony, I was so mesmerized, the only thing I could ask was if I could join and help by playing with them. It’s an Arab and Jewish endeavor and when they play music, there is nothing more harmonious and beautiful.”
– David Broza

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