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In The News

Jerusalem Post: Culture Report. “The Festival of Liturgy Launches in Nazareth” 06 January 2020


Jerusalem Post: “The Power of Liturgical Music,” 29 November 2019


Haaretz: “The First Liturgical Festival in Nazareth 2019” December, 2019


Wiesbadener Kurier: “Wo Beethoven Neuland ist” 10 August 2019 [German]


Frankfurter Rundschau: “Ohne Ballast” 10 August 2019 [German]


hr2 Kultur: “At the table with Saleem Ashkar, an interview with Andreas Bomba” 08 August 2019 [English] “Concert with Saleem Ashkar and Galilee Orchestra” 02 August 2019


America- Israel Cultural Foundation: “Saleem Ashkar and the Galilee Orchestra in Concert,” June, 2019


Haaretz: “Jethro Tull Lead Vocalist to Donate Income From Performances in Israel to NIF,” October 29, 2018


NJ Jewish News: “Polyphony to present mix of Israeli musicians at JCC,” October 11, 2017


Jewish Business News: “The Polyphony Foundation Brings Arab and Jewish Israeli Musicians Together With Classical Music,” August 8, 2016


Interfaith Voices: “The Polyphony Conservatory: Uniting Jews and Arabs Through Music,” June 18, 2015


YNet News: “Jewish, Arabs youths promote harmony in Israel through music,” May 31, 2015


WNYC: “Fostering Peace, One Concerto at a Time.” May 27, 2015


Lincoln Center Global Exchange  New York, 2015.

WQXR: “Polyphony Foundation Aims to Bridge Gaps Between Jewish and Arab Israelis,” May 27, 2015


The Guardian: “Polyphony Conservatory: uniting Arab and Jewish musicians in Nazareth,” July 25, 2014


Greenwich Time: “Musicians play for peace, one note at a time” October 13, 2017


The Strad: “Absolute Music.” December 2016


Panorama: “Playing together to walk towards peace,” August 16, 2016


Euro News: “Arab and Israeli musicians in sweet harmony,” June 5, 2016


Polyphony in Paris to support R20 Climate Change Talks


The Clinton Global Initiative: September 25, 2015


Haaretz: “Starting in Umm Al-Fahm: Teaching Classical Music.” March 3, 2015″


New York Jewish Community Centre Welcomes Polyphony


The Arts Desk: Best of 2014: Classical Concerts. A triumphant year for youth and pianism” December 30, 2014


The Arts Desk: “War and Peace in Val d’Orcia,” August 10, 2014


The Arts Desk: “Q&A: Pianist Saleem and Violinist Nabeel Abboud Ashkar,”  August 3, 2014


The Wall Street Journal: “Questions for Prodigies,” June 4, 2013


Haaretz: “How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Through Nazareth,” December 31, 2013


Yoko Ono Lennon Courage Awards for the Arts: February 26, 2012


Jerusalem Post: Culture Report

“The Festival of Liturgy Launches in Nazareth” 06 January 2020

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The Strad Magazine

“Absolute Music” December 2016

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 13.58.41

Around the World

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and former President of Ireland Mary Robinson with Polyphony co-founders Craig Cogut and Nabeel Abboud-Ashkar
Craig and Deborah Cogut with President Francois Hollande at the Elysee Palace.

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