Galilee Chamber Orchestra to Tour Germany This Summer - Polyphony
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Galilee Chamber Orchestra to Tour Germany This Summer

Galilee Chamber Orchestra to Tour Germany This Summer

Polyphony is thrilled to announce that the Russell Berrie Foundation is generously supporting the Galilee Chamber Orchestra’s first European tour this summer.

Bringing together musicians from all over Israel from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Nazareth, the Galilee Chamber Orchestra will give a series of performances in Germany.

Directed by pianist and conductor Saleem Abboud Ashkar, the Orchestra will perform from July 31st to August 8th at the Konzerthaus Berlin, the Hannover City Hall, the Osnabrück Music Festival, and at the Rheingau Festival.

Among its many philanthropic interests, the Russell Berrie Foundation invests in leaders and institutions that aim to develop Israel’s northern region, contribute to a vibrant Jerusalem, and transform how the next generation of Israelis think about culture, heritage and Jewish identity.

Performance Schedule

Wednesday, July 31st: Konzerthaus Berlin
Thursday, Aug 1st: Heiligendamm
Sunday, Aug 4th: Hannover (New City Hall) Neues Rathaus
Tuesday, Aug 6th: Osnabrück Music Festival
Thursday, Aug 8th: Rheingau Festival

About The Galilee Chamber Orchestra

The Galilee Chamber Orchestra broke ground as the first professional orchestra composed of Arab and Jewish musicians in Israel.  When it started in 2012, the ensemble had only three Arab musicians. Now more than six years later, the 35-musician orchestra is composed of equal Jewish and Arab members, and enjoys an international reputation and performance schedule of six major concerts a year, plus numerous performances as a part of Polyphony’s in-school music education program, Alhan.

Moved by Polyphony’s top-notch musicianship and vision for Arab and Jewish equality, world-famous musicians from cellist Lynn Harrell to pianist Sir András Schiff perform with the Orchestra in Israel. The Galilee Orchestra’s impact extends throughout Israeli society: its performances bring classical music to peripheral communities,  enriches those communities with burgeoning cultural scenes, and serves as a model for cooperation and cultural exchange to all of its audiences.

Where will they go?

Konzerthaus Berlin. Photo by Gutschera + Osthoff
New City Hall of Hannover reflecting in water in the evening, Lower Saxony, Germany
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